Retail overhead is the biggest contributor to the generally high cost of framing. Even without those overheads, and taking a modest fee for my services, I'm still amazed how much the second cost contributor -- the moulding cost -- often makes custom framing higher in cost than I'd like to see it. I mark up my mouldings less -- before your discount -- than the other framing shops do. And  I do my best to hand-select a great array of handsome mouldings in a wide price range, always attempting to keep your price as low as possible.

I am a full-service framer. Or perhaps I should say an almost full service framer. The one thing I don't do are those wildly elaborate mat cuts that can only be done on a $35,000(!) computerized mat cutting machine. That's another way I have kept my overhead low. I hand-cut all my mats the traditional way, to enhance the artwork and not vie for its attention. Again, the simplicity of my business = lower cost to you.

Aside from those crazy, elaborate matboard cuts, however, I have done it all: Standard mats, suede mats, silk mats, fabric-wrapped mats and liners, and hand-made paper liners can all be utilized to present your artwork in the classiest way possible. I have built shadow boxes with as much as 8" interior depth to frame some interesting objects. Frames for LCD monitors are everyday fare. Custom mirrors? I've done hundreds. Bring it on!

Scottsdale Discount Framing           (480) 767-5876
                           The Artful FRAMER OF SCOTTSDALE

Picture and objects framing need not be wildly expensive!

  • Hundreds of beautiful mouldings to select from
  • Thousands of paper, silk, & fabric mats to choose
  • Unique rice paper & marbled paper liners
  • Custom-wrapped fabric liners
  • Regular, non-glare, and UV-reduction (conservation) glass and acrylic
  • In-home design consultation available
  • Delivery / installation service available
  • A framer with degrees in Art and Design to help you
  • Your satisfaction guaranteed or I'll do it over
  • ALWAYS discounted from typical retail

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