• Branding is the integration into your commercial interior of elements which celebrate your your specific brands, service, or product offerings. Business Art Design has expertise in the design of branding solutions tailored to the image you seek to convey.
  • My extensive resources are mixed and matched toward custom solutions unique to your environment. Such resources as audio-visual experts, custom fabricators, and graphic designers are utilized in crafting site-specific mixed media displays that proclaim your pride in your brand.
  • I am expert in not only the design of your branded environment, but the execution of your project. From the gathering of your requirements and vision through the conduct of all project meetings to the safe installation of your completed environment, I will guide your project  informed by my extensive training and experience in professional project management.

 Chevron Global Marketing Co. Headquarters lobby, San Ramon CA

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BUSINESSArt Design                                                           Scottsdale, Arizona
                                       Artwork and Branding for Commercial Environments

                                                                                                                                                          Corporate / Healthcare / Hospitality

After designing and managing the construction of commercial interiors for almost 30 years, I (Bruce Cotanch) founded Business Art Design in 2000. Artwork and branding are typically the "icing on the cake" for interiors projects, many times overlooked in the budget, yet they often provide the most visual impact. These elements are my first love: My interiors have always been designed with artwork and branding "focal points" in positions of prominence.

I have degrees and experience in the History of Art, Interior Architectural Design, and Facilities Management. Augmenting my 25+ years of corporate design experience, these skills allow Business Art Design a broad understanding of the many issues confronting the facilities professional, from functionality, image, and aesthetics through maintainability and security, to project schedule and budget. I welcome the opportunity to be a cooperative member of your project team, or to manage your interior upgrade as your sole source.

Business Art Design was honored to be selected to do major corporate office branding projects for Chevron Corporation at its headquarters in San Ramon CA, as well as satellite offices in Concord and Houston. Photos of those projects are on this page.

I enjoy excellent working relationships with scores of art galleries, tradespeople, manufacturers representatives, and graphic designers. Look no further for your artwork, branding, or interior facelift needs than Business Art Design.

Claymation cars used in Chevron Toy Cars television commercials, each with attendant commercial storyboard framed behind.


  • Business Art Design has a comprehensive knowledge of art and the art market. As an art consultant, I guide you to the artwork that fulfills your aesthetic, image, and budgetary requirements.
  • BAD is a fee-based service. My services are always on an hourly or contract basis. There is no "hidden" compensation to me: Any and all discounting I can achieve from vendors (10% - 35%) is passed along to you as a corollary benefit to my service.
  • I can satisfy all budgets. From an extensive selection of inexpensive art prints to museum caliber original works, BAD will fulfill the ethos you seek to project, conservative to cutting-edge.
  • My complete, low-overhead in-house framing department allows me to tailor matting/liners, mouldings, and glazing to your specific interior finishes and conditions. This also means cost savings to you.
  • Full installation services.
  • Comprehensive insurance appraisal available for your artwork.

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