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Picture and objects framing can be expensive! A major factor contributing to this is OVERHEAD: Specifically the retail storefront, utilities, and staff. Scottsdale Discount Framing has none of these. I am a one-man shop, operating out of a fully-equipped home studio, by appointment only. That means all those rent, utility and payroll costs, always rolled into your cost at the typical stripmall framing shop, are eliminated from my pricing. My simplicity = your low cost.

I have been a picture and objects framer since 1975. Yikes, that's 35 years! In that time I have framed darned near everything, from "typical" pictures, prints and posters to 3-dimensional objects. A few examples of the latter are baseball bats, oil jugs (for Chevron Corporation's headquarters) and a NASCAR driver's firesuit. I won't go so far as to say anything is possible, but I have a lot of experience figuring out the mounting and framing of some unusual items.

I started out 35 years ago as the framer for an upscale antiques and art dealer, framing Belle Epoque advertising posters (often quite large) and 19th century prints. These must be handled with great respect for their rarity, value, and sometimes delicate condition. Should conservation framing to high "museum" standards be what you need, I know it well.

Not many framers have a degree in the History of Art and another in Interior Architectural Design. These total 6 years of college training in visual composition and aesthetics. Should you have a particularly challenging situation, coordinating artwork and its framing with your particular environment, I make local housecalls to consult in optimum framing design and placement. (Please see more on this in my Business Art Design page.)

My studio is close to the Mayo Clinic / Shea and 136th St. and is open only by appointment.  I look forward to assisting you (and saving you money!)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Bruce Cotanch, Principal

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